Going out of town? Don't kennel your dog!

Your pup can stay with us with all the comforts of home
- long walks and beach excursions
- fun and play
- access to the backyard all day
- love and affection
- no cages
- keep up your dog's training and manners

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I meet you first before leaving my dog with you?

Yes, we insist on it. Before agreeing to board a dog, we always have
an initial meeting: you and your dog make an appointment to come and
visit us, see our home, fill out a dog boarding contract, and decide
if it's a good match.

2. Will my dog have access to an outside area?

We have a dog door that goes to our backyard, which is open all day and evening (we shut it when we go to sleep to keep the raccoons out!)
One of the first things we teach guest dogs is where the dog door is
and how to use it.

3. My dog has a lot of energy, can you handle that? 

Our motto is, "a tired dog is a good dog". Your dog can go running with me, mountain biking with me in McLaren Park, swimming in the pond, and outings to Fort Funston and Crissy Field.

4. My dog is not good with other dogs, can you still board her?

Sorry, no. We cannot accept any dogs that have a history of dog-on-dog
aggression. This includes snapping, growling, excessive resource
guarding, on-leash or off-leash aggression, etc.

5. My dog is old – does she have to take that many walks?

We modify our walk schedule and activity level to accommodate older dogs.

6. My dog is not good with kids, can you still board him?

No. We have 2 children, ages 14 and 18. We also frequently encounter children in the park, so we only board dogs that have been previously socialized with children or are known to be calm and friendly (or indifferent) around kids.

7. What do I need to bring for my dog's stay?

Pack your dog's food and measuring scoop, and his/her harness and collar. If your dog prefers their own dog bed, bring that along. If not, we have plenty of dog beds. We also have multiple sizes of dog crates for dogs that sleep in a crate. Don't forget any medications if your dog is currently taking them!

8. What vaccinations does my dog need?

Your dog must be up to date on their rabies and DHLPP shots. We also recommend bordatella (kennel cough), flu, and leptospirosis (during rainy months) vaccines. Puppies must have a minimum of 3 sets of shots before boarding with us.

Please call or text or email if you have any other questions!